Look Who Made the Move: Christopher Gray

I started out my real estate career in Phoenix, Arizona as a licensee. After a short while with a new boutique brokerage, I fortunately found a team to join with RE/MAX in Scottsdale. I joined more so for the team aspect than I did for the RE/MAX brand. It turned out that that was an incredible decision that landed me invaluable buyer and seller clients, due mostly to the generosity of the team leader. After a couple of years, and great success in the Phoenix/Scottsdale market, I decided to take my business to Los Angeles, since I was not able to effectively capitalize on my Chinese language ability in Arizona. 

After getting my California real estate license, I moved to Los Angeles temporarily to “try it out” for a summer. I found that I could actually make it in the tough LA market. So I joined Keller Williams, another large brand, which had a better reputation in LA than it did in Phoenix. Likewise, after my great experience on a team in Scottsdale, I was hoping for similar results, starting fresh in LA by joining a friend-recommended team here. Although the experience part helped, I found that all the leads were coming from me with minimal training and support from the team. It got even worse when after exerting so much effort to close a deal, I would see just how little my take home was. After a couple years of being at KW and even with “capping” with them, I left the team, became an individual agent, and started looking for a brokerage that would partner with me.

Beverly & Company was exactly the brokerage I was looking for after being nickeled and dimed by other brokerages in the past. What I am most impressed with is their paradigm of being agent-focused. They know that the agents are the ones who make the company succeed and they act accordingly. I found that Beverly & Company has all the tools and resources an experienced agent needs, such as:

  • a pro-active Transaction Coordinator
  • a great escrow company and officer
  • convenient designs and marketing partners
  • a responsive Office Manager and Broker
  • perfect office locations for luxury real estate

and more that I am still discovering. This allows my time to be freed up to better service my clients and focus on my leads. A huge, international brokerage has never been the driving force to sell any of my listings or help my buyers. It has always been me. Beverly & Company gets that.”


Christopher Gray

BRE# 02012829

Over 15M in Production for 2018