Where to Find Good Real Estate Talent

When people think of the real estate industry, the first job role that comes to mind is often a real estate agent. They contribute so much to the company or business they are working for – they are the face of the company, meet clients regularly, maintain professional relationships with them, lead sales conversations, and bring in much of the business’ profit. However, there are also other real estate job roles that are just as important to these companies and the to the support of the agents. These roles include:

  • Digital marketing coordinator
  • General administrative assistant
  • Transaction/listing coordinator

Real estate agents often overshadow these behind-the-scenes roles because of the idea that agents do most of the work, but the best agents know that the support they get from their team is invaluable and is the catalyst to their long-term success. So what exactly do these job roles bring to the table?

Real estate virtual assistant job roles


Digital Marketing Coordinator

We all know that a real estate agent needs to be able to market the property because otherwise, they can’t sell it. However, marketing a property is more than just making it look appealing to prospective clients. This is where digital marketing coordinators come in.

Digital marketing coordinators help spread awareness that a specific property is up for sale. They manage the business’ social media platforms to reach more clients, engage with them, and create an effective social media marketing strategy. Aside from that, they ensure that marketing efforts also include email platforms.

Furthermore, they provide basic design skills to help bring creative ideas to life, keep track of social media metrics, and even project coordination to ensure that everything is produced on time!

General Administrative Assistant

Administrative tasks make up a large part of the responsibilities in the real estate industry. These tasks include accounting and bookkeeping, appointment coordination, and inbound client communications.

A general administrative assistant handles these responsibilities so that the real estate agent and the business can focus on other, more complex tasks. However, their skills aren’t limited to just those previously mentioned because they also cover duties like providing concierge services and handling CRM systems.

Transaction/Listing Coordinator

Another job role that supports real estate agents is a transaction/listing coordinator. As the job title suggests, the task includes developing and overseeing real estate projects and transaction plans. In addition, people in this role also perform listing, scheduling, and confirmation of transaction closing and financing.

For real estate agents to be productive, they need to have an effective team of real estate talent, but this begs the question:


Where Can You Find Good Real Estate Talent?

Nowadays, businesses are spoiled for choice when sourcing great talent. If you’re looking for the best real estate agents, the following places are worth checking out:

1. Craigslist

Starting with the basics, you can look for real estate professionals on Craigslist because the website has a dedicated “real estate” section under “services.” This classified advertisement platform kicks off our list because it automatically directs you to talent within your area, minimizing your odds of screening a candidate only to find out later that they are out of state.

What’s worth noting is that even though Craigslist is often considered unsafe or unreliable, you can take advantage of it just as long as you do it with precaution. Plus, the service allows you to search for free, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out hard-earned cash to find the best real estate talent for your business.

2. Indeed

If you prefer a platform that isn’t as broad and general as Craigslist, you can give Indeed a shot. Unlike Craigslist, Indeed is a website that is specifically for recruitment purposes. For maximum effectiveness, you need to create an account and a job posting for the real estate position you are trying to fill so that interested candidates can send in their applications.

What’s great about this job portal is that it is just as safe as any regular online platform – as long as you don’t give out your personal information. While scammers are still out there, they primarily target applicants, not employers. Just be sure to provide Indeed with the employer documentation required when creating your account to get verified.

3. LinkedIn

Indeed is great because it allows virtually anyone to view your job postings, but LinkedIn provides an even broader reach when posting job openings. Considered by many as a professional social media platform, LinkedIn allows you to look at not just the resume of hopeful applicants but also the people they affiliate with.

Most employers also use the platform to build on their brand awareness because, more often than not, people on LinkedIn are hunting for companies for their next career opportunity. On top of that, the platform also allows you to filter out job posting applications that don’t meet your minimum criteria, such as their skill or location. All in all, LinkedIn enables a more precise search for real estate professionals while giving you a platform to establish your business.

4. Virtual Assistant Service Providers

Another great place to find real estate talent is a virtual assistant service provider with a pool of skilled and competent professionals. These services match you with professionals who work remotely to provide the job role that you need. For some employers, the talent’s whereabouts can be a limiting factor, but with the VAs’ flexibility and increasing demand, you might miss out on the advantages of integrating VAs when you limit your business to exclusively hiring in-house staff.

Hiring a real estate virtual assistant will decrease your employment costs by 70% and increase your business’ productivity and efficiency because you don’t have to worry about payroll processing, taxes, and needing additional office space or equipment for them. Plus, they are pre-screened and trained to bridge the gaps in your business, ultimately reducing your legwork when employing the best real estate talent.


Recruitment can be a lengthy process, and given the demands of the real estate industry, your recruitment efforts should be manageable and promise great returns. In that way, your business can grow to its full potential!


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