Jasmin Arciniega

From selling double AA batteries at the age of 8 to becoming one of the top 5 percent selling agents in Los Angeles County. As a self-taught entrepreneur, Jasmin defies gravity with true determination. 

In the face of adversity, Jasmin took on the challenge head-on and prevailed. Growing up in a Spanish household, with Spanish being the first language, she was determined to live up to her potential. Living under the influence of her father and his entrepreneurial spirit, she was determined to become one of the best. 

At the age of 18, her inspiration to become a real estate agent stemmed from financial circumstances. From working various jobs, and being a loving wife and mother, Jasmin endured studying to become a top ranker in her industry. From knocking door to door, making 70+ plus calls a day. She gained real-life experience and got up close and personal with her clients. In a world where technology has taken up an impersonal perspective, Jasmin thrives to seek compassion for her clients.